Wedding Chronicles India - Stories through the lens

There are two ways one can express their feelings. One is just to say it, whatever comes to your mind. Just say it! And another is to plan those words. String it together with rhyme and make the same words shine in a way that those thoughts, those feelings hit just the right chord. 

We look at Wedding Photography in the same way. We do not wish to just go clicking whatever is obvious and hits the eye, we like to see beyond that, to bring meaning out of a moment, to add a story to your event, to make those actions speak through our pictures for an eternity. We are Wedding Chronicles. We tell your story through our lens.

Professional photographers Sukil Tarnas and Khushboo Agarwal started wedding Chronicles India and sukil&Khushboo Photography in the year 2011.

Sukil and Khushboo are both Post Graduates in Photography from the coveted Light & Life Academy. Their individual paths in photography made them cross roads and come together in their personal and professional life.

They run a company called Sukil and Khushboo Photography that gives solutions for all kinds of professional photography requirements.

One can view their professional work at: